RSA keys in Peercoin


Usage of 2048 bit RSA keys for minting alone would add 50-150 MB to blockchain yearly. Rest of transactions- well, they are paid(coinstake txs also pay fee but have 0.01 discount) so I don’t see a problem here.
Advantages: faster signature verification, smartcards, protocols/schemes.
It may be seen as a step backward in technology, in my opinion it’d give more freedom for the users, for which they’ll pay.

What’s your opinion on supporting RSA keys by Peercoin?


Isn’t RSA compromised by the NSA?


“RSA is known for allegedly incorporating backdoors developed by the NSA in its products.”


@sandakersmann I’m not talking about RSA Sec., Inc. but RSA cryptosystem keys.


How can we trust the product when the company is compromised by the NSA? I think we should stop using RSA.


RSA algo: First published 1977
RSA Sec., Inc.: Founded 1982

RSA keys are safe.


Does changing the key length require a hard fork?


It require adding new key type(currently only ECC keys are supported) so yes.


Maybe good for a side chain project.