Road Map for 2023?


We don’t really do roadmaps, we usually have a general list of “what is currently going on”. This is what should be completed by the end of the year:

  • Merge of the latest upstream bitcoin-core as v0.13 release
  • Public release and a beta of the coinlib, a dart library which is looking to be the most feature complete and the easiest to work with *coin library in the entire dart/flutter ecosystem.
  • Port of our Peercoin-Flutter wallet to coinlib
  • Port of our Peercoin-Flutter wallet to the new UTXO server - Marisima
  • Release of the “p2th-gateway” project, which is being done in collaboration with PRConnect.
  • By end of the year it should be defined on what will exactly be the Peercoin v0.14. There are a lot of proposed changes but nothing concrete yet, the target block time is likely to get halved to 5 minutes or less.
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