RFC: Banning Consecutive PoW with LOW POW difficulty then previous block

The Peercoin network will ban consecutive PoW blocks, such that any PoW blocks built ontop of other PoW blocks that has low POW difficulty then previous block, will be orphaned. The result will be that, going forward, each PoW block must be preceded and followed by a PoS block.

Why is this, does it strengthen security of the chain?

Yes. POW Miners are not securing network…they are just distributing of new coins.

PeerCoin Extraction This will reduce consecutive multipal POW block from same miners.

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Take a look at this Robert.

Looking this will block consecutive PoW blocks from same minters within 8 min. Pow distribution will be smooth.

Ah, I see. Like brickwork, each row is staggered to give strength to the wall, as a whole.

Banning consecutive blocks is a great way to increase the prevalence of difficulty bombs. A smoother approach, such as rfc20, is preferrable.

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Do you have timeline on proposed change?

Timeline for which? Rfc20 is in the next version.