Results of Peercoin Advertisement on /r/dogecoin

I believe that Dogecoin can be a great market for us to advertise in. It is a large community with most of the members being new to cryptocurrencies.

I will start a new one next week.

Interesting. I think you are right about the Dogecoin newbie conclusion. Do you pay 10$ for this?

I paid 10 dollars for mine and sent it to a newbie Peercoin page on reddit. I think the minimum is $5.

it looks like Doge is in competition for the LTC crown, also Vert amy take market share from LTC/Doge, post LTC asic,

I think Doge coiners would understand, something like

“you know that bloat on the Dogechain, we don’t have that, infact we have the opposite, thin block chain”

store of value. PeerCoin

Good initiative, but I doubt whether the majority of the Dogecoin newbies even understand what a blockchain is. Tailor your message to the target group, marketing for dummies, chapter 1 :wink:

Instead of focussing on technicalities, I would focus on functionality and benefits of Peercoin e.g.

Did synchronising your (insert bloated crypto here) wallet take a long time, check Peercoin out synchronises at least 10x faster and uses far less bandwidth maintaining your wallet.

Looking for a less volatile investment then (insert volatile crypto here)? Check Peercoin out. Solid economics to serve as a store of value going forward.

Edit: Or if we don’t want direct comparison with other cryptos leave the crypto name out.