Restore my Wallet

Hi there,

I need help to restore my Peercoin-Wallet. I have created the “peercoinwallet.dat” and I have safed it on a USB-Stick. Now my Notebook brokes down and I downloaded the Peercoinwallet again on the new Notebook. I thought, that I only have to change the “peercoinwallet.dat”, but I can´t find this data???
Could anybody help me?

which operating system?
wallet.dat is normally stored in something called the datadirectory, default location is %APPDATA%\Peercoin\ on windows, ~/.peercoin on linux, you can customize it with -datadir=x:\jkafh when starting the wallet

the problem is, that I can´t find this datadirectory on the pc. Perhaps I should download and install the wallet again

did you run it already? it creates the directory when it is run for the first time, or you can create it manually

Often on Windows, the %AppData% folder is hidden by default. You need to set your Windows Explorer to View -> Hidden Items to see it.

On my system it is C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\Peercoin


YES! Now I found it! And my peercoins are in the wallet!
Many thanks!!!


The coins are in status “pending”, but I think this will be fiexed, when the wallet has updated, isn´t it?

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yes it is synchronizing with the blockchain, will take a little while