Request: Please add new forum category for all cryptocoins(bit/lite/etc...)

Given that bitcointalk is currently down, and people are looking for a good alternative, I think if a general/all coin discussion forum category is added it might be able to get some of bitcointalk’s traffic, and bring further attention to ppcoin.

Ok I have created 3 sections for all altcoin discussion.

General discussion -

Pools and mining -

Trading and exchanges -

I don’t want it to become a mass of threads that no one can follow so if there needs to be child categories I can make them, but please use the following format to keep some order.

[BTC] Thread about bitcoin
[LTC] Thread about litecoin

I am inclined NOT to create a subforum for each coin as the coins come and go, and this forum is about coins worth investing in - Peercoin and Primecoin. So if there is blatant advertising, trolling or unwanted users in this community I reserve the right to remove topics and ban users at the request of the rest of the community or my digression. That said please feel free to discuss altcoins and perhaps we can inform a few others about the reasons that make a coin different and successful.