Request for two new simple features


I’m a mod at /r/peercoin, and I’ve noticed that there are two somewhat common issues a lot of users face, and would like to request two features, in order to deal with these issues.

1. An easy way to rescan the blockchain.

This is due to the issue of stuck, un- broadcasted transactions which a lot of altcoins face. Basically my internet connection often dies, and several times with several altcoins(including Peercoin), I’ve found a transaction I’ve made has gotten stuck and I’d have to delete the entire blockchain to force the client to redownload and rescan the blockchain. I think a rescan button would really help here.

Here’s an example of this issue.

edit: another minor example

2. An easy way to Import and Export Private keys

Quite a few users have accidentally corrupted/deleted their wallets, and others have had issues with their backups becoming outdated. I’m asking for a way to backup individual private keys akin to armory’s “Backup Individual Keys” option, so users may just create an encrypted word file, just in case their wallets get corrupted.


P.S. Would also appreciate a clarification on how many transactions can be made before a wallet becomes outdated. shows the general consensus that its currently per every single transaction.
If this is the case, would it be possible to change this?