Registration security question

So my friend is trying to register here and he got stuck on security question.

What is seven x three?:

Things he tried: 21, 10, 3333333, 777, luck, lucky, coffee

None worked. Could anyone help with this?

tried twenty one?

Thanks :smiley:

I don’t think it should be this hard to figure out. Who knows how many other people are having the same problem.

I also was struggeling at this one. I tried “21”, “twentyone” and finally succeeded with “twenty one”.

Would it be easier to just have people fill out a CAPTCHA or no?

Captcha is not effective against spam at all. It needs these basic questions.

Ok i’ll take the maths down to simple one to twenty answers that way no confusion over spaces in the answer


I was just wondering why captcha’s aren’t effective. Have they figured out how to get around them?

yeah spam bots are constantly being updated to beat them… little info here on which ones work and which do not and why