Reasons for recent altcoin pump

  1. Altcoin/sharkcoin listed in Jubi got pumped first, which attracts lots of speculators.
  2. Shanghai A share has gone up 50% this year. Speculators are looking for new market with liquidity.
  3. Then minor altcoins followed the wave.
  4. Now they are looking for the next target. XRP, DOGE and BTS were chosen simply because they had big, fat ask orders lying on the book.
  5. PPC orders are too thin on these exchanges. (jubi, btc38 and bter)

That’s just my personal take.
I am moving some ppc from btce to btc38 when I am typing.
Good luck.

Very interesting and again highlights the need for ppc to diversify which exchange it is sold on.


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