** Radio show interview. Need a volunteer. **

I’m looking for a volunteer to speak about Peercoin for an up and coming radio show.

It is a small internet streaming radio show. Not mainstream media.

You should speak english well. Not stammer your words, and be someone who knows how Peercoin works.

Please send me a PM if you are willing to do it, or know of someone who will.

Compensation can be discussed if absolutely necessary (although I don’t know where I’ll get the funds yet).


This looks made-to-order for [member=890]Sentinelrv[/member] , who I believe has agreed to abandon his pseudo-anonymity in recent months.

+1 :slight_smile:

I believe that either [member=890]Sentinelrv[/member] or [member=29308]Chronos[/member] would be great.
Perhaps someone else out there is wanting to express their insight?

Glad to see this effort moving forward. Thank you [member=11274]ppcman[/member] !

I have made some progress on this via PM.

If any one else is interested in speaking on a topic or two, this is a good opportunity.

The Peercoin representative should own peercoins I think and preferably be minting. How could it otherwise be a representative?

Sentinelrv fits the bill, right?