Questions about the client v0.8.2

Greetings to you, I am new in this business, first say, a new customer’s logo looks impressive. a direct allusion to some, I would like to ask, there is no information how much concrete you need to have coins for minting, and whether it is possible to transfer coins to the client for small transactions

Because there is no minimum amount of coins you need to own to participate in the minting process. It depends on multiple factors, but theoretically you can mint with a single Peercoin.

Important factor to consider is the “PoS difficulty”, basically the higher the PoS difficulty is - the more coins are competing for the new blocks. Check it on this chart:

Basically it depends on you and your preferences. Naturally, the more coins are staked the higher the chance. Mind that factor which counts for minting is not just coins but also the “coinage”.

See this short video clip to lean more:

Of course.

thank you for the quick help


A bonus with v0.8, for me at least, is that there is no longer any conflict with my anti-virus software, which was something I experienced with v0.7. As a result, I am now opening the client and minting daily. I like the mint probability indicator, and the new colour scheme of red, light green and dark green.


this is a good review of a new client, I have only recently joined this coin, tell me if you send small transactions with different addresses on the client as they will make a bet?
PS: or rather I should say, they will generally do coinage?

How do you mean? Are you referring to spending coins which affect coin age, and therefore minting? If you enable “coin control”, you can select which Peercoins you want to send/spend, and pick those with the least coin age.

I mean, I send small transactions with different addresses on the client, and whether or not they will make rate to achieve 30 days?

Each individual UTXO (transaction input) participates in the PoS process independently.

thanks for the help