Question About Peercoin App for Android

Hey everyone, sorry for my bad english but its not my main language.

I download the PeercoinApp and buyed Peercoins to the Adress what was at the QR Code on the Right Corner, this was yesterday.

Now i checked the App and i see no Peercoins in there, after i check the QR Code again and the Code was changed. So did i a Mistake or what is happend with this Code? Why changed this all the time?

Sorry its my first time ever to trade with Crypto Currency.

Hey there,

can you check what block height you’re at? Options -> network monitor
Are you connected to any peers?
Please swipe to the left and check which block height you’re at.
Also check Settings->Trusted Servers if at least one of the servers has a green bar on the right side.

The QR code changes frequently, so you don’t use receiving addresses twice. Prior addresses are saved and your balance should be correct once your app is synced.

Your app needs to sync. Please leave it open for a while and don’t kill it :slight_smile:

So my App is Connected to a Peer, both are Green :slight_smile:

305990 is the last Block i received if this is what you Mean :slight_smile:

I was just confused that the Adress Change… so if i put the “Old” Adress at my buying i will receive the Coins if they are sendet right?

Thanks for Answer

That should work.

As always with crypto currency software, you should try sending small amounts first to see if everything is alright, before you bring the big guns.

Using the same receiving address is discouraged, due to privacy concerns, but it’s possible.

Welcome to Peercoin!


Thanks for your fast Answers.