Question about minting/mining difficulties

how does Peercoin manage to have 2 separate difficulties coding wise? I understand that one difficulty is for POS and one for POW but how is it that achieved internally? Does each system have it’s own blockchain internally ?

I’m fiddling with a project idea that could make use of having 2 separate difficulties in the system. It would use POS for both difficulties but with different unit than coinage. One would use regular coinage while the other would use some other vector that I haven’t decided on but lets just say for example Coin quantity. So in the first POS system, it would be minted just like in peercoin with the collective coin age of all coins in the wallet. The other POS system would use the quantity of coins in the wallet to determine who mints. (I fully understand that coin quantity fails in this scenario. It’s just an example) … In this scenario, the Coinage POS would have it’s own difficulty while the Coin quantity POS would have a seperate difficulty. I would want only the Coinage POS to secure the network while the coin quantity POS to do something else like for example destroy a % of the coin quantity from the address of the block finder.

It’s a silly example, but the essence of it is I want to have 2 separate difficulties of a POS/POS system where only one of them works towards securing the network. It’s similar to how Peercoin has POS/POW difficulties where one secures the network and the other does something else (create Peercoins). How is this achieved with in code? Does each system POS/POW have seperate blockchains or is it something else?

Sorry about the confusing topic. :slight_smile: