QuarkCoin community is a good example for websites!

I just thought I’d throw this out there.
on r/Quarkcoin people have been making some great improvements to their websites, I thought maybe the more CSS-savvy amongst us could take this as motivation/inspiration.

Check these out:
http://www.quarkqrk.info/ <<— new one, and very nice imo. Make’s things really easy to understand, and simple to do.


I’m surprised Quark is doing so well…I thought it was a scam coin? a pump and dump? Am I mistaken?

I’ve read that QRK developers premined around 80% of the roughly 247 million quarkcoins in existence. Not sure if this is true or not, but definitely something to consider before investing.

Edit: here’s an interesting post I found on reddit
“Quarkcoin is structured like a pre-mine (seriously–the people who mined in the first 3 weeks get 2048 QRK/block with a lower difficulty while people mining now get 32 QRK/block with a higher difficulty and people in a couple months get 1 QRK/block with an even higher difficulty, assuming adoption continues to rise). I wouldn’t structure a new cryptocurrency to benefit early adopters that much even if I was trying to pull off a pre-mine (or a shortly post-mine, if you prefer)–it’s just too damn obvious. This overly aggressive release schedule benefits nobody but the initial few miners and will almost certainly lead to the downfall of the currency as a whole.”

Is there anything about Quark that separates it from other alts? What are the improvements? If the only thing that has changed is that it gives out more coins than usual to the early miners then this is destined to fail.

Even JunkCoin has a coinmarketcap of $188,464 as I write this, which brings a value of $0.022 per JunkCoin

People will invest in anything in the beginning. I think a big crash is coming for QRK. Some last minute money making going on before it happens. We’ll see. It appears to be all marketing and glitz with no backbone. :slight_smile:

Maybe QRK is premined but it is far better at bounties field, some PPC hoarders have to fix that.

Don’t have much confidence in Quarkcoin as a crypto for reason described above. Their website is nice though.
Just looked at Worldcoin and they just announced their new logo: http://worldcoinforum.org/topic/769-new-worldcoin-logo/ Looks professional.

I really think peercoin needs to do a bit more work in the artwork and marketing space to keep ahead of the competition.
But focus need to on be investors and miners not speculators. Ask yourself why would you put your money in Peercoin besides some short term wins?
I found out for myself e.g. active developer support, active online community, attractive economic model (fees and small inflation, no coin cap)

quark is secure (6 algos) and is one of the few coins that could be used now because its all in circulation, there is no more deflation.

quark coin is simply better using at using social media. they’re making a concerted effort to push out the coin to a whole load of different sites and giving away coins in order to help people mine.

it doesn’t hurt thier casue that they have a decent enough looking website front end that looks professional.

Quark was mentioned by Keiser and Still and it shot up. The real test will be how it progresses now that they have some limelight. As for the websites, too busy for my taste.

I agree. There’s just too much on the page and not enough organization.

From what I’ve gathered about QuarkCoin:

People say it’s been “pre-mined” which, is to an extent true.
But the way quarkcoin is designed is that intially 247Mill or so was to be mined really quickly by early-adopters, after that the annual mining would be around 1million/year.
Those early-adopters then took it upon themselves to redistribute the coins by the millions for a really really low price (initially).
Now whether or not you think that it’s lost validity b/c it was mined by early adopters is up to you. But bitcoin and peercoin started like this too. What’s different here is that people aren’t hoarding.
Furthermore, the biggest attraction for me from QuarkCoin is 1) 6 different hashing algorithms for improved security over SHA-2 (in fact, IIRC, all 6 were candidates to replace SHA-2 and become the new SHA-3) and 2)the community is doing really well in disseminating QuarkCoin in any way they can.

But enough about QuarkCoins, I merely used this as an example to show how far we can go with our publicity!


At least QRK was innovative enough to use a new approach for the hashing what makes it a little bit more than a copy-cat alt.
But it’s just another “PoW only” coin.
Regardless of its start, I feel like I can predict the end: being energy consuming it will be hard to sustain the network security in the future.
If they’d have it designed to generate the coins with PoW in a short amount of time and switching it to PoS with 1 million new coins per year as PoS reward, it could have been a match for Peercoin.
But this way: naaaaa…
Nevertheless the Peercoin community might be able to learn something form their campaigns :wink: