Proposed Marketing for exchange diversification

Hey all,

So we all know Btc-e as a great reliable fast and excellent market depth to buy and sell Peercoins (PPC) and hey they offer nice api for price that I use here on the forum homepage to keep an eye on the price of PPC day to day, but I personally feel it is time the community made a concerted effort to diversify the exchanges used for PPC.

I would like to propose that we get actual peercoin funding behind this to, there are a number of aspects to my proposal, but I feel it is a good time to boost exchanges reputations with handling larger volumes and will boost PPC by having a greater presence on other exchanges at the same time as reducing our dependency on btc-e.

1) Target New Exchanges

Now by this I do not mean brand new exchanges that have just come online with the latest clonecoin but I mean targeted exchanges that have people using them and trading large volumes on a daily basis. Coinmarketcap does have all the data, a quick scan of exchanges showed me these are the ones I would like to see Peercoin listed on. - think this one must have just dropped below the radar here… big exchange no reason why ppc not on it and lots of others are and traded in volumes - this one only trades ltc and btc so long term… did someone contact them before? - side note… might want to check their favicon… very similar!! hmm hmm but is this a templated type exchange as ltc btc pairs common - says lots of trading volume but currently trade page down… - nice looking exchange few coins so need to show there is volume on ppc first

2) Actually use other exchanges that PPC is listed on

Please I can’t stress this enough to people to use the other exchanges that PPC is listed on. Simple fact is that if the coin is not traded on the exchange the exchange will see it as wasted server resources and remove the coin. Bittylicious posted on here about how trade volumes were low, and how they were considering putting the coin under review for removal along with 5 other coins… fortunately the community came forward and there has been double the trade volumes in the last month compared to the 3 month period bittylicious were using as a trade sample amount. So the community can utilise and use other exchanges I feel we just need to be prompted and once the volumes are up on buy and sell sides people will spread the use on many exchanges.

You can buy btc on many exchanges… it is the btc-ppc pair i am wanting to see increased on other exchanges so no need to pick one that has your countries credit cards accepted etc

3) write a guide, blog, tweet about an exchange or trade experience or setup

With some of the work I have been doing at the moment it has shown me that some technical error messages and logs when typed into google link to many peercoin topics :slight_smile: well done… but when I search for any mining, exchange, trading, scam traders / exchanges even there are very few that link to a peercoin article or mention. It does take a little time to write or doccument the process you are doing… but it can become addictive with screenshots and once you come back and try to follow your own guide you start to see what would have made things clearer or easier for the person following the guide. So here we need some community engagement to post these articles etc, plenty of support on twitter to retweet your posts or links to articles. What to write about?? well why not doccumment your experience of asking bitrex to add ppc… or how you set up 100 ppc buy orders staggered through 0.001 increments on to catch the fluctuations in price on btc-e and offset buy and sell orders etc?
I would love to read someone’s experience with trading bots for ppc and which ones they used and how they set up the whole process…

More to come but just an opening of some ideas…


How to get those exchanges to trade PPC, we have tried spamming them before but it never worked.

I have just acquired a PPC wallet

anothe r option is change pound to btc-e code on , then buy ppc on btc-e

What do you think about a wallet which makes it easy to obtain coins from exchange, without being registered at exchanges and also the wallet stores the coins and use them to mint?