Proof of stake / bat file / password question

just seen a question on one of my videos: [i]This may be a dumb ? but what if you have not set a wallet pass can you skip the .bat file thing?[/i]

i wonder if anybody knows the answer to this, so that i can reply to him/her? thanks a lot!

Is the question if the “rpcusername” and “rpcpassword” needed in the PPCoin.conf file? If so, they aren’t related to wallet encryption, and need to be there if the Peercoin daemon, ppcoind, is to be used.

Did I understand the question correctly?


thanks for the reply… sorry i wan’t very clear - i think it is specifically about whether the mint.bat file is necessary in order to carry out proof-of-stake minting if there is no wallet password set up…

the contents of mint.bat are:

@echo off
@echo Enter PPC password…
SET /P variable=Password :
ppcoind walletpassphrase %variable% 9999999 true

so it seems relevant to the password in some way… thanks again!

Instead of calling it mint.bat it could also be called “unlock.bat” which would be more fitting.

All the script does is unlock a locked wallet.

So the answer to your question, is NO. If your wallet is not encrypted with a password, then NO, the mint.bat file is not necessary in order to carry out proof-of-stake minting if no wallet password is set up.

In 0.3 version, the default action of a non-encrypted wallet is to always Mint coins when it can.


thanks very much for that, i shall report back to the person who asked…

by the way, i take it the version 0.3 client you mention is the current one?