Proof of Stake and Mining Pools

O.K., I’m new and am still working out all the details here, so I know I don’t have all the concepts straight.

So I ask those who understand better: One of the points of PPCoin is the whole “Proof of Stake”, as well as Proof of Work. PoS is based on/refers to how long you’ve held the coin, right?

I’m mining over in D7’s pool, but the coins aren’t “mine” until I withdraw them, right? So for most value, I should get them paid out to my wallet regularly and, essentially, ASAP?

I’m not planning on selling them anytime soon, so otherwise I’d be inclined to let them sit in the pool. But am I missing out on increasing their value by doing so?

you should withdraw and keep the coins in your wallet and let it accumulate coin age; then pos. good luck.