Proof-of-excellence with chess

Proof-of-excellence with chess.

Is it possible?

[quote=“voileipa, post:1, topic:2366”]Proof-of-excellence with chess.

Is it possible?[/quote]
Probably, it is a bit the same like reputation I guess.
You could make a chess game which analyses the gameplay and with some smart formula produces a number which reflects your excellence in that game. The number can be stored in blockchain together with your unique name.

There is one issue with the reliability though, how would someone know that it was you playing the chess game and not some supercomputer. So it would need some trusted 3rd party oversight.

Just my 0.02 PPC

It appears the only game where humans still have a chance against AI is “Go”.

You are right, winning would not be a serious option. But after someone played a number of games the computer would be able to analyse their skill anyway even if they lost all games.

Well… It would not be humans playing with each other but Chess AI’s.

My idea:
Among all participating nodes (=miners) will be held a chess tournament. The winner of this tournament has the right to produce the next block.

So mining is basically running a Chess AI.