Promotion group

How is posible that some scamcoins like: Doge or ETC are in lists on some big trading sites like:,, … and other ,

but PPC is not present there. First POS crypto, ignored ???
We have any groups for promotion or “unpromotion” ?

What you should do is contact those exchanges and try to get them to list Peercoin.

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Not only me … we need to promote this action


New link for asking peercoin

ETC is not a scamcoin, ETH is a scamcoin. ETC stands for true values while ETH is more similar to Ripple


I agree

The btcchina- one of the biggest trade platform will add Doge, WOW, dog comes out and many people like it, inconceivable!

1 of the reasons i like the btc-e exchange is because of listing peercoin and serving customers for years without any hassle or problems, i recently bought my first peercoins with bitcoin very quik on the btc-e exchange without any hassle or problems, i think its a matter of time before the masses that doesn’t trust the banking system to discover peercoins uniqueness.

More sites, that have LTC, DASH … but no peercoin, here:

Please, ask about PPC.

Very convenient article, thank you