Project Codename 'Super'

Goal: Contend and operate one vsystems supernode
Benefit: Provide for primecoin/vsystems related projects
Obligations: Community development for vsystems

sunny: superviser/final review/spending approval
barde: manager of technology/node operation

Contend plan:
We have successfully applied for listing at vsysrate as of Monday June 3, 2019:
Aiming for stake threshold within two weeks.
Minting address: ARQNgdvu82J5hMF2UiKKoygxcH8p3KbRPm7

Update: our supernode is live as of Friday June 14, 2019.

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If we manage to attract enough stake, project super will consider project proposals for funding. Considerations cover the following:

  1. Primecoin community development and marketing, such as exchange listing, event, promotions, ad campaigns, meetings etc.
  2. Vsystems community development and marketing.
  3. Primecoin research and development, core and ecosystem.