Problem with transaction, money lost! Please Help!

Hello, on 12.11.2022 11:53 i made a transaction to wallet PLqD1zMRgXVJh7D8hpJkTVjQSAv5MEvgiu with amount 1.000000 PPC, but wallet made another another transaction at the same time to wallet P8d8sBZXs6ichZ2n42owS5fxJnvsSjimD3 with amount 98.997430 PPC (i did not made this transaction), and on 12.11.2022 18:33 i made a transaction to wallet PGUPGu1KQbxHo9KBwhBFHB8nVMXTx2JvQK with amount 19 453.000000 PPC and the same problem there appeared second transaction at the same time to wallet PP2A6u6bnmd2bVawhFHDRrFwB2DytpM6fG with amount 38 909.195230 PPC and i did not made this transaction. I attached a screenshot with the transaction. Please help me because money was lost.

Transaction ID: ee04a2c1a41be1633277fdf16b9750902178197004ebcad59dbb54db64625f53

Second Transaction ID: e562f4d79b21c325729da1eda8719545dfdd8df4b654173b06e2e6fb05927fe5

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This looks like a change address. Im guessing your wallet generated address P8d…mD3 and you have the keys to it. Change addresses are generated because it is more secure than sending the change back to the same address. Change must be dealt with because of the output-based transaction method of cryptocurrency. Basically, you had a $100 bill and received $99 in change, but your wallet put it in your other pocket to keep things more secure than putting it back in the same pocket.

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How acces this address? in wallet there is no info about this address

Thanks for the information. I found old file (Recycle bin :slight_smile: ) of my wallet and there is all coins. Thank you!