Private Key - Mobile Wallet

How do you import private key into the official mobile wallet? Or do I need to install desktop wallet in order to import?

I sent my Peercoin to Coinomi wallet and it will not connect. They have said I needed to import my private key into Peercoin’s official wallet.

Thanks in advance

The mobile wallet does not support this feature (yet), but will in the near future.

You will have to use the desktop wallet for now.

Okay, have installed the desktop wallet for Linux. Now still don’t know how to import my private key.

importprivkey in the console

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Thanks. I can open console but have no clue what to do. I have type the importprivkey command, but nothing works or makes sense to me.

importprivkey {PRIVKEY}

Way back in 2014, on the old Forum, there was a very helpful/useful post on paper wallets and importing private keys. I printed it out and kept it.

I’ve just scanned it as a pdf, but am unable to upload it to this Forum. If Dvnitz sends me a direct message with his email address, I’ll email him/her a copy.

Thanks for the .pdf
Unfortunately I still can’t figure anything out. May just have to give up and call it a loss.
Trying walletpassphrase to unlock and just keep getting Method not found (code -32601)

which version are you running actually?
if you run walletpassphrase in the console without anything it should at least tell you how to use the command, not give code -32601

I’m using version v0.11.2.0-e523ce76e Tardigrade

It gives me error when I try to use it like the examples.
Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I type like the following:

walletpassphrase mypassphrasehere

try with 2 arguments
walletpassphrase mypassphrasehere 9000

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I was able to enter private key. Window pop up, where I believe said was scanning wallet. Once it completed. It just say “null” in console.
There is still no record of transaction in wallet at this time.

I tried the walletpassphrase command with my encrypted wallet and it seems to be behaving as expected. My password is just “user” on this testing wallet:

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