** PRIORITY ** We need a Bitcoin Conference Speaker in Feb for Berlin

** PRIORITY ** We need a Bitcoin Conference Speaker in Feb for Berlin

Topic: Stone Soup - Developing Crypto Beyond The Code
Background: What it takes to launch and sustain a successful crypto currency.

Please respond ASAP if interested. Spots are filling quickly, we need a commitment quickly! I can help develop this talk fairly quickly. If I ** must ** be there, I might ask for help from the community. Ideally, someone locally to represent us is the only way we’re going to scale.


I know we have a couple active German members here. Without naming names, I hope one of you will consider taking up this challenge for the good of the community!

the rate that PPC keeps rising i may be willing to make the trip to germany for support on the ground (not sure if we want a german speaker?) and could reuse the banner and business cards i got made up


We’d have a volunpeer drive to help with the costs.

It looks really good. :smiley:

do we have a peercoin fund we can put some peercoin in to send representatives to places, I would put some peercoins into this?

hey, Im based in Germany, some km from Berlin. and I will attend on the conference. if you need any help, drop me a line. I can help with development information (i hope to) or do the presentation if necessary.

I have all the business cards printed off now… some 5000 in total.

So please send me your address if you are going to be representing Peercoin at the conference and I’ll send you some cards to hand out :slight_smile: