Primecoin site mostly abandoned?

Primecoin site redirects to which, apart, perhaps, some records on main page, looks pretty much abandoned for years.


Almost all the links are either dead or mostly irrelevant. Where can one find actual Primecoin resources?

Whole primecoin site needs revamp. You could try contacting the site owner through github.

I see, thanks. Primecoin is one of few cryptos that doesn’t spend processing time/other resources for calculations for the sake of calculations, there’s some scientific value in them.

But when I see the long-abandoned site where most resources don’t exist any more…

I’ll try to contact the owner(s) via GutHub.

I noticed the same, it has to be upgraded again.

The Peercoin Team doesn’t have any part to play in keeping up Primecoin development or its website. Primecoin supporters would need to take up this task themselves if they feel it’s worth it.

I don’t have any Primecoin, but wonder whether, as a compromise, there could be a forum category for Primecoin - that at least gives Primecoin people a “home” and somewhere to talk and plan

Obviously, this could not be done for any other alt-coin, but Primecoin might be considered an acception, as it was created by Sunny King

If you look closely at my OP, I haven’t assumed that Peercoin Team has any responsibility in keeping Primecoin site up-to-date.

However, since there’s a subforum for Primecoin, I assume there can be people maintaining Primecoin, who can provide me with related answers.


There is one already here…

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That link is dead, sorry.

It’s because I recently moved the board, which broke the URL. Here is the new one…