PrimeCoin mining Algo + Client help

Hi All ,

I use Ubuntu 13.10 and primecoin-qt I have some questions.

  1. What is the primecoin mining algorithim. Is there a documented example taken step by step to show what a miner has to do to get a valid block. I dont mean a setup guide for the client or a pooled miner. I mean a pseudo-code example of how to mine a primecoin. Including any setting up like generating tables.

  2. When i issue the getwork command to the primecoin-qt client i get a segmentation Fault and the client just shuts down. I haven’t setup a primecoin.conf file in ~/.primecoin …

  3. If getwork is used and it returns data to me. How is this data structred and what do i need to do to use it to start mining.

Im a student and I like crypto currencies and would like to build a small miner. I would appreciate any help.