Primecoin Miners - AES Instruction Set Support

Which miners support AES instruction set:

primecoin high performance solo miner

I don’t see how the AES instruction set would be applicable to Primecoins?

This write up is what lead me to ask the question. The trailing x makes no sense to me a all!

I’d be careful. I’ve never seen any of those miners with an “x” AES version. After further research, I don’t see how the instruction set would be helpful to anything outside of AES encryption, especially not the prime proof of work. I’ve also never heard of that pool either.

Gpool is a legit pool and was in fact the first to introduce a datacoin pool.

I believe Outlaw Review are just trying to promote Memorycoin and has most likely been paid. In fact if you run the calculator, you will find that the amount is devastatingly overstated. In fact due to the lag between rewarded shares, much like primecoin, it is possible that the retest has resulted in a grossly overstated reward. The actual payout is closer to $0.38 a day rather than $3.80 which was listed on the webpage.

Furthermore putting an x on the end of an exe does not add AES support at all. If the reviewer is just renaming the file and adding an x to the end, that would be ludicrous. You have to use the aesni flag in yam’s miner.

Not sure why my post disappeared, but I’m reposting it. Surprisingly it wasn’t deleted from my browser cache.

Yeah, his post seemed fishy. Though he did recommend Primecoin for non AES