Primecoin - DigitalOcean Cloud Mining

Hey there,
So, i have followed instructions for cloud mining Primecoin using DigitalOcean, however, i am not sure how to even know if it is working or not. I was having some issues with the console and i tried to type everything in from the instructions on the primecoin site here:
However, I am not sure that it is working correctly and i have no idea how/where to check. I had to type everything in manually as it would not let me cut and paste and i think i may have gotten some things wrong. Also, secondly, I haven’t yet put in my wallet address, which i do have, but the wallet is still synchronizing on my computer so i don’t know if i need to wait and let that finish synchronizing first before i put the wallet address in the console. I’m basically lost at this point, so if anyone can tell me even where to begin, i can post screenshots, etc… of my console if someone can help and let me know if i’ve got it setup correctly.
Thanks in advance!