Primecoin boom

The price of Primecoin has just risen VERY sharply, from about 80 cents to over three dollars in a couple of days. Any theories as to why this is?

Bitcoin prime, being pushed by Rhett Creighton.

So what is it a case of mistaken identity? People buying Primecoin thinking it’s Bitcoin Prime?

Because Bitcoin Prime is a merge of XPM and BTC, this means it could be a fork of either XPM or BTC or something combined…

Not sure if this is positive news but as far as I understand the situation:

Rhett will fork Primecoin and airdrop BitcoinPrime tokens to bitcoin holders. So all who have Bitcoin and Primecoin will be able to claim BitcoinPrime tokens when the fork is completed. It will be interesting to see what will happen next. Most likely BitcoinPrime will be the dominant coin finding most primes and Primecoin will come to an end.

Since other forks Rhett has done increased a lot in value, many speculators believe this will be the same with BitcoinPrime.

Do you think it is good that this is happening? I have absolutely no clue whether this is positive or negative.