Prime4Commit GitHub repository

Currently under development, please contribute if you can.

With XPM prices in free-fall this would be an essential platform for expediting core developments for Primecoin infrastructure, such as Android wallet, paper wallet generator, etc.

If we get this site up, we will have removed one of the major bottlenecks holding back XPM appreciation!

Good one, which worked for Peercoin, might work for Primecoin.

Did see that other coins outside our community are also picking up the XXXcoin4commit model (e.g. Dogecoin). Always flattering to be copied :wink:

It’s a great way for the community to thrive. For example, I can either just sit and watch XPM prices depreciate, or donate let’s say 50 XPM, and spur innovation that will push prices up again. It’s a self-fueling cycle, great model for other cryptocurrencies as well!

Any news on this? I have some XPM to spend :slight_smile:

There is no visible development on Github. You might ask sigmike yourself. He has been pretty busy with peer4commit lately. Maybe exchanging a few XPM to PPC and donate to might motivate him?

Yes sorry about that. I hope I’ll be able to start soon. I had important changes to make to peer4commit first. Now they’re mostly done, and they will be merged into prime4commit.

SigMike, no worries, we know that you are busy with Peershares :slight_smile: Just don’t forget us.

Now is a good time for Primecoin to gain some traction. GPU miner finally got out and people are flush with coins to donate for core development.

Prime4Commit is online now!