Pre and Post v0.8 task list

Are we not going to fork the testnet with the final version? I’m maintaining an old fork with PeercoinOG. We can fork that chain.

Testnet is running v0.8 for couple of months now.

I know, but that fork was with an early RC.

It’s the same protocol, I think majority of nodes on testnet are late RC’s.

Cross fingers and hope it goes well on 01.10.2019 then…

Yep, it should be alright.


Working on that

we can try again actually


I’ve emailed:

Livecoin (confirmed)
NovaExchange (confirmed)
LiteBit (re-sent)
Cointree (re-sent)
CoinEgg (had issues with them ignoring us previously)
HitBTC (confirmed)

More exchanges and mining pools next

I reached out to:


Based on this, these were the only mining pools I could find.

I also reached out to Ledger today

You also have these pools:

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Okay, I’m pretty sure I did ecoining. I’ll get prohashing as well.

I recently bought a Ledger Nano S wallet. Regarding the “add peercoin testnet app” task, if someone tells me the right thing to say, I’ll also send them a message, or raise a ticket - although, of course, it might not be necessary if Bucketts has got through to the right person.

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I haven’t heard back from them yet. I’ll send a follow up

Is there a cold minting feature for Peercoin on the Ledger Nano coming soon? Because holding PPC on ledger without minting that’s too bad even if its great to be able to store those Peercoin on cold storage :slight_smile:

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Support Rfc12, [RFC-0012] Cold Minting

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There was a brief discussion on Discord as to whether Ledger was updated to v8. I today sent a test payment of 0.49 PPC from my v8 client to my Ledger Nano S, and then back again. All seemed to work, here are the transaction IDs:

Client to Ledger:

Ledger to Client:

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I was told by Backpacker that they have upgraded.