[PPCoin Ponzi] 120% Payouts[Must wait for "pot" to reach 120%] -Automated payout

First PPCoin ponziesque type site !


This works differently to the some other sites.
You only get paid out once the pot reaches 120% of the deposit. This enables to game to go forever.


User1 sends 10 PPC
The pot now has 10 PPC
User2 sends 15 PPC
the pot now has 15 PPC
120% of User1 10PPC (12PPC) is paid out
The pot now has 3 PPC (12PPC was just paid out)
User2 needs people to deposit more than 12PPC to receive 120% payout

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To start send any amount of PPC to PUtDan19ndd6Mham2PDP5ykES7o5cpE8D3

  • The address may change from time to time so it is advised to check the website every few weeks!

And what if nobody ever adds enough for a user to make the 120% payout? Just looking at your example, you put in 10 PPC, then I put in 15 PPC. You walk away with 12 PPC, and I’ve got 3 PPC sitting there. Now I have to wait for some to deposit 15 PPC, so the pot equals 18 PPC, and I gte my my payout. They person who just deposited the 15 PPC, not has to wait for someone to deposit 18 PPC. They get their payout, while the other is left with a zero balance until someone deposits 21.6 PPC, and so on and so forth. Sure, you get a wide enough base and you can keep this running like Ponzi (you know, the dude the named the scheme after) did for some time before you’re caught, or like Madoff. I doubt it would get that far, though. But, who knows, maybe you’re on to something here. Good luck with this!

Edit: This isn’t ‘Ponziesque’ - It’s a full-blown Ponzi scheme. Again, good luck!

It blows my mind that people don’t realize that a Ponzi game means that the last person isn’t going to get paid. It’s right in the name of the game. Understand the risk and play accordingly, like any other kind of gambling game. Just don’t act surprised when you lose.

Also, that link doesn’t work for me.

who said that I don’t understand the game or how it works? I pretty much described it , and acknowledge that the last person doesn’t receive their money back. my point is more the advertising a “Ponzi” scheme as a game, as if it were truly similar to other games of chance. with dice, cards, or even using your funds to try your luck trading, there are actual odds you can calculate. THAT is a game. this is suggesting people take their coin and throw it in a pot to see if someone else will also take a chance. The thing about Ponzi schemes is that the operator will generally take other deposits, plus their own capital, and give payouts to make it look as if it actually works. then, at some point, people keep putting their funds into it, and are told that the limit wasn’t reached, or some other line. It’s the same with off-shore lotteries as well. Why do you think they a mostly illegal? Just because ONE person lost money?

All I was doing was pointing out that it is a Ponzi, not ‘Ponziesque’ and pointing out some of the extra risk that comes with it. If we were talking about a game of chance like cards, dice, Faro (if you’re into 19th century gambling), or whatever, I wouldn’t have said anything. It’s not like I told peole not to play. I don’t care if you do or don’t, but I think even by advertising it as a Ponzi, you’re telling people that they could just as well be dumping their money into a sinking off-shore gambling site, like the days of Full-Tilt, or what have you. And given it’s a Ponzi scheme, and I even mention that the last person wouldn’t get paid, I’m incredulous at that fact that you didn’t catch the part where I state the obvious. It’s I also do not like the fact that the OP provided no plan for oversight for the players so they can see if someone is skimming and making payouts to people who contribute less and, therefore, only need someone to make a much smaller contribution in order to reach 120% of what they paid, while someone who puts in more coins sits with their thumb up their butt. They whole reason the Ponzi scheme is illegal in many countries is not because of what you’ve described (that’s actually only part of the scheme), but that the operators rob from some contributors, while paying out the smallest winnings to make their operations seem legit.

Don’t assume that because someone questions the motives or the structure that they are somehow ignorant. Don’t let it “blow” your mind. I’ve laid out the risk, and it goes beyond the ‘game’ itself. That’s pretty much it, and last I checked, there were no rules against voicing opinion on these boards. You mistook my analysis as ignorance that at least one person would leave having lost, when I state that very fact. I then go on to make comparisons to other schemes where it actually ends up being more than a few. Just to put it out there, I’m skeptical of most games involving crypto, as I do not trust many operators that deal with it. I’m leery of exchanges, too, some less than others, but so far has had at least one problem or another with each I’ve used. Everything is at your own risk in the world of crypto-currency, and it doesn’t take a game to learn that. So, pull the blown pieces of your mind back together

The allure of this kind of HYIP investment is unbelievably high return, in a very short span of time on a relatively low investment with little or no work involved. That’s why Ponzi scheme game sounds skeptical to me.

I realize your facts. But, not only have we said all hyip is scam. Because, you know a few of hyip investment sites still accessible in online. When you find that kind of genuine investment sites that’s way you can run away from risk and you must know who run hyip site with certified hyip script.

Sure Hardy,
All HYIP sites are not scam. Confidently, you can discover someone best HYIP sites through online. Anything, consider twice or more times before involve in HYIP site.