[PPCoin Ponzi] 120% Payouts[Must wait for "pot" to reach 120%] -Automated payout

First PPCoin ponziesque type site !


This works differently to the some other sites.
You only get paid out once the pot reaches 120% of the deposit. This enables to game to go forever.


User1 sends 10 PPC
The pot now has 10 PPC
User2 sends 15 PPC
the pot now has 15 PPC
120% of User1 10PPC (12PPC) is paid out
The pot now has 3 PPC (12PPC was just paid out)
User2 needs people to deposit more than 12PPC to receive 120% payout

Advertise the site to increase the user base and enable faster payouts!

To start send any amount of PPC to PUtDan19ndd6Mham2PDP5ykES7o5cpE8D3

  • The address may change from time to time so it is advised to check the website every few weeks!

What about free trial games? I guess it would be fun if you allowed players to try it, right? For beginners like me, I prefer portals where I can play for fun first before stashing my coins. By that point, I can strategize and be familiar with the site’s game rules. This is exactly what I did when I played at BetCoin™.