PPCoin Halo Reach Tournament

Would anyone be interested in playing a Halo: Reach tournament for ppcoins? Everyone will throw in 25ppcoins (which is about $5 at the moment), winner gets 80% of the pot, second place gets 20%.

Depending on how many people respond, we can do either a free-for-all tournament where we place say 10 games, and you get points based on the place you finish (Mario Kart 4 style). Or, if we get enough people and you guys would prefer, we can do a 4v4 tournament where I’ll set up a bracket, and to move on you have to win a series of 5 (NBA playoff style).

I would like to do this tournament on a Saturday/Sunday night, as I work during the week. If you are interested, leave a comment below. Also, let me know if you would prefer any specific game types/maps/options/etc…

I will collect everyone’s ppcoins and then send them to the winner and second place finisher. I will not be taking any of the coins as a fee or anything (unless I win first or second, which is unlikely because I’m not that great at Halo; I still love to play it though haha).

I would join up, but I don’t stand much of a chance at all when it comes to Halo.

I’d go classic RTS, like Age of Empires II The Conquerors ;D

Yep I said it, AOE:2