PPC promotion

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Asked here,

  1. https://www.bcex.ca/coins
  2. https://www.bitfinex.com/
  3. https://changelly.com
    for adding PPC.

BInance.com now becomes the biggest chinese trade platform, as I know if you want to list new coin, there are 2 optional condition:

  1. The coin has big users and can bring them big trade volume–means profit.
  2. New coin online fee you would paid(It’s was said around $500,000), because if list any coin, it will attract many new users to trade, I think China has the biggest traders’ number,Even the rubbish coin also has many users.

Agreed with wolfcrats. Binance is a highly developing exchange and is gaining huge volume of people every day and low fees. My suggestion:

  1. https://www.bitfinex.com/
  2. https://www.binance.com/
  3. bitstamp (maybe expensive)
    Anyway, new listing is a great and important idea. We need to promote PPC, the crypto communities indicate it often.

BTW, I have contacts with Chicago exchanges (CBOT, CBOE), maybe it could help somehow in the future


I find that there is to few automatic trading site that actually sells PPC like Coinbase does for BTC and stuff. It would be great to get more of them since it makes PPC buying a lot easier. That’s why I asked Bitpanda.com which I’m using sometimes to buy/sell other cryptos. Their service is great and fast, and they are already adding other cryptos.

Crossing fingers.