PPC Money Supply estimations (coin number, reward drop)

This thread is intended to be a place where to display the current PPC Money Supply (coins in circulation), and rewards drops estimate in the future, based on the current rates. It is good to compare with BTC and LTC to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of PPC.

As of 19:10 of Thursday, November 28, 2013 (UTC):

[ul][li]20,814,897 PPC and generating less than 167 PPC every ~10 minutes (and the reward keeps going down every block)[/li]
[li]23,426,941 LTC and generating 50 LTC every ~2.5 minutes[/li]
[li]12,006,500 BTC and generating 25 BTC every ~10 minutes[/li][/ul]

I am making a live spreadsheet reflecting current rates and predictions:
This is a work in process, any suggestion will be appreciated.

I am having some trouble using the hashing-power/reward algorithm in google spreadsheets. If you have a working example please let me know.

Please post what you think and how we can make it as accurate as posible.

https://github.com/ppcoin/ppcoin/wiki/FAQ has some discussion about inflation and the Peercoin money supply as well.