Ppc is SHA-256 or Scrypt?

ppc is SHA-256? if yes, with 180 gh / s manages to come ppc how many per day?


Peercoin ppc is sha256 yes and 180gh will get u about 1.5 ppc per day?? I think…


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Assuming that the math of the d7pool is correct (https://ppcoin.d7.lt/stats) the pool finds at average 1 block each 2 hours and has a total hash rate of roughly 61 TH/s.
So the PPC mining rate is approximately 50 PPC/h (fees not included).
If you have 180 GH/s you might end up making 0.15 PPC/h or roughly 3.5 PPC per day.

thanks for the clarification.

because from what I had seen on the website to get wheretomine.com gave 50 ppc / day with 180 gh / s

which in reality is different

The calculation of PPC mining rewards is a bit more tricky that for most other coins.
That’s because the network hash rate modifies the coinbase reward.
And that leads to a “double penalty” for bringing more hash rate to the Peercoin PoW process:

[ol][li]you get a smaller part for your fix hash rate in case of an increased total hash rate[/li]
[li]your (smaller) part of the hash rate gets rewarded by a reduced coinbase reward[/li][/ol]

The math is: if the difficulty 16-folds, the PoW coinbase reward gets halved

Or generally speaking: if the difficulty goes 2^n, the derived coinbase reward is 2^(-n/4)
…i hope that I’ve sorted this right, please correct me if not!

Here’s a small table with numbers what happens to the difficulty and the reward if the network hash rate rises (diff and reward are factors to modify the “previous” values):

n	diff	reward
1	2	0.84
2	4	0.71
3	8	0.59
4	16	0.5

So you see that doubling the network hash rate reduces the coinbase reward by 16%.
AND your fix hash rate results in only half of the shares (or when solo mining double average block solving time) you could have achieved before the network hash rate doubled.
If you have only half of the shares and the reward is reduced to 84%, you end up with 42% of your income once the hash rate doubles.

Maybe that is not taken into consideration by some calculators…

ppc is sha-256 while bitcoin is sha-256 double