Ppc classifieds

I have been thinking it would be cool to have some sort of ppc classifieds. something more like craigslist that could be narrowed down by area so you can sell things to a local market. It could also be used to buy and sell ppc, similar to localbitcoins etc. I sell quite a bit of stuff on local online classified ads, but it would be great if I could deal in my preferred currency face to face with people in my area.

Perhaps ppc, ltc and btc could all be accepted, but you could click to pick which you prefer.

I do not have skills to build this, but I haven’t seen this yet. There was something for btc but it doesn’t seem to work. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=9757.0
Probably a mobile or online ppc client is needed too. Perhaps there is one already.

There is a drupal module which could be used perhaps:

Maybe I’ll try something out but I don’t want to promise nothing.