PPC-based Puns

when i started thinking about funny t-shirts I got some chuckles and would think it a useful ressource for a any PPC-communicator to have a repo however small of such puns.

  1. Write on anything / garment “Stake”
  2. Write on anything / garment This is not a STAKE
  3. Hats with a picture of a steak and “5 years of stake”
  4. Hats with no picture of a steak and “5 years of stake”
  5. POS 5 Years!
  6. PPC 5 Years!
  7. Peer since 2012

Ive always liked “The best PoS out there!”

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This was several years ago now, but somebody started a PPC discussion board thread that posed the question, "What/Who does Sunny King look like?, er “How do you imagine S.K.'s persona?”. A whole raft of images flowed in, great hilarity ensued, I still smile when I think of it. These memes (as I’d guess you’d call them) would transfer nicely to T-shirts. Though entertaining, I’m not sure memes of S.K. would be what we want to present to the world. Maybe we can come up with something more appropriate, hope this helps.