Possible Binance listing?

If someone from the team could make a reply to this thread, that would be great. Doesn’t need to be the official account but preferably someone who can explain things properly.

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Thanks, @Sentinelrv

A second tweet is also underneath the one you linked…

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If you give them money as sponsor fee (at least 1 million $ ) or let them trust your vision & bubble which can make lots of money for them, then they will list your coin.

Otherwise any idea is too naive.

meh. At least some people got to see a post about Peercoin.

BinanceUS also asked about adding a new staking token. Please like and retweet…

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Nice. I’m not attached to Binance, it’s nice to see some social media action though :slight_smile:

Another one…

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I do like exposure inside of threads. keep it up.