Porting PPC to modern Bitcoin codebase using Navcoin?

Just a quick question:

I was investigating in the last months which altcoins had already adopted Segwit (the well-known controversial Bitcoin scaling/malleability fix). Some days ago I discovered Navcoin. They seem to have ported Peercoin’s PoS to a modern 0.13 Bitcoin codebase and have recently activated Segwit.

Could that be a base for further Peercoin development? I haven’t checked the details of NAV’s implementation, I admit. But I would love Peercoin to have a more modern codebase and a malleability fix like Segwit on board (No, I’m not a “bitcoin core hardliner”).

Their Github account is here:


@hrobeers @peerchemist

We planning to base Peercoin 0.7 on the latest Bitcoin.

Thank you for your answer! Looking forward to 0.7 then :wink:

Is there a development roadmap? As of now I’ve only found the statement that the development team is now larger and that you’ll focus on PeerAssets now.

Actually I’ve been doing quite some work on the upcoming 0.6 release: testing, bugfixing and backporting OP_CODES like CLTV and CSV.

And some protocol proposals you can find here:

Yes, please integrate that Segwit stuff, so that Peercoin could be a base for the Lightning Network, which is a great thing and would be a chance for Peercoin to become a sustainable base for fast payment.

As you can see, Lightning Network has a Wikipedia article, where Bitcoin and Litecoin are mentioned (Litecoin because it already has the ability of serving as a base for the Lightning Network). Would be so nice to have the good old Peercoin listed there.

We do no intend on implementing segwit at the present. Any maleability fix will allow lightning network.

There are some other OP codes that are needed as well, as far as I understand. Those we do have plans to implement.