Please Add a Forum Link to This Board on

Whoever controls the website, can you please add a “Forum” link to the main navigation so everybody visiting the website right now because of the Overstock wiki can visit this forum to learn more info. It can also act as a way for people to discover NuBits. This is very important to do right now before the traffic dies down.

I didn’t realize there was no link on the website until now, so this is urgent. We need this in order to maximize the impact of the exposure from the wiki.

David notified me that there is a link toward the bottom of the site, but if I missed it, how many other people did as well? I think it’s important that it’s in the top navigation and it says “Forum” and is specifically linked to the main Peershares board. This would make it much more visible and we’d get as many people to see it as possible.

here it looks fine,

[tweets] [peercoin] [peercointalk]

are next to each other

when i resize the browser window the content gets squeezed so that peercointalk moves towards the bottom, if you have a smaller screen, or watch it in portrait mode on a smartphone?

edit: possible solution: switch [tweets] and [peercointalk]