Physical Peercoins avilable from

Hi Fellow Peercoiners,

I have just opened a new website, and made #Peercoin my first every physical cryptocurrency coin to be minted, i love Peercoin so much, it was a easy decision.

They are 30mm wide and 3mm thick. They are limited edition, 100 Gold and 100 Silver plate.
All numbered, example #2 #56… No more of this design will be made, so staying truly limited edtions.
They have a nice green enamel touch, for the iconic leaf design in the PPC logo.

Link here:!collections/c1i41

They are only 9.99Euro each, including free gift box and free worldwide shipping.
There is also a twin set you can buy and is cheaper at 17.99Euro (payment preferred in bitcoin, but can accept many payments)
Also, if you wish to purchase more than 10, please message me for price.

They make great little gifts for crypto fans, i use mine as a ‘Lucky Charm’ when trading.
Also, they can be used as novelty playing pieces for board games! (Like Monopoly!)
I am also thinking about making a Peercoin pin badge, which i am sure will prove to be popular.

Feedback about the coin and my website is most welcome.

Have a great day.

Many thanks


I’m glad to see some physical PPC coins. Probably the only ones on the market. But, I’m afraid to say that the finish looks really cheap, it looks like chocolate coins.

I would have bought one if the finish was looking like this:


Thank you for your reply, i believe the picture of the bitcoin you posted is of a pure gold one.

My coins are gold and silver plated, but i really don’t see how they look ‘cheap’ because is how all gold and silver plate coins appear. The price is only $9.99 or $17.99 for the twin set, with free gift box and free worldwide postage, you can imagine that does not leave much profits.

Regarding the ‘finish’ what would you suggest how they were finished?
Other than being from pure gold or silver, which would dramitically increase the selling price.

Also, it is quite hard to captre the true look of the coins, due to the fact the surface is very reflective. Here are some images.

Many thanks.

Sorry for the confusion. I thought they were casascius coins. Makes sense for a gold/silver plated and for the price.

We ( are finding this cheap because of the round and thick shapes, and the granular effect.

You can clearly see the quality difference if you compare with the coins available here:

Make the font and drawing sharp, thin and smooth and it would look great. Also avoid the painting :), use black palladium plating for the leaf for example or anodize the leaf part to have a green color.


Many thanks for your reply. Some great information there. Unfortunately the alliexpress link did not work, do you have a picture you could share of the peercoin you mentioned that would be great.

Also, the green leaf section is enamel, not just paint, as the enamel dries rock hard and can not be scratched off, like normal paint can be.

I went with a round border on the coin, so it could have some text, i thought it would be a good idea to include words like ‘peercoin’ ‘ppc’ ‘digital currency’ ‘limited edition’ and such. But i can see now, that it is not so important, as i have seen another peercoin here, with no text, just the symbol with a black enamel finish and that proved to be very popular.

I fully agree with the font, it should be thinner and sharper looking, i did try and have it made this way, but they did not quite get it right, certainly will have better font on the next coins.

Also, i will look into ‘black palladium plating’ and anodize the leaf part.

If i can ask a question, what do you think is the best size for a coin like these? There ones are 30m wide. I was thinking 40mm wide for the next batch?

Some really great advice there and most welcome, thank you Thireus.

Update. The gift boxes arrived in store today.

They are black with a wavy gold lines and sponge insert, perfect for the physical peercoins. Not only that, they will be given free with every order! Most shops charge $1+ for gifts boxes, but at Gift boxes are free and they really do add a nice finishing touch to the overall appearance of the physical #Peercoin and all for just $9.99 or $17.99 for twin set, free worldwide postage. Ideal for Christmas gifts.