Peershares Logos Files

You can download all the logo files for Peershares at the link below…

[size=18pt]Download All Files Here[/size]

Peershares is supported by Peercoin and proof-of-stake, which makes it an energy efficient program. Because of this, we decided that it should also be represented by the peer to peer symbol we use for Peercoin, similar to how all Apple products (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc…) are represented by the Apple logo. The peer to peer symbol ends up representing all energy efficient programs/systems. This shows everyone that both Peercoin and Peershares are from the same people. The double PP symbol fits here because it’s substituting “Peer to Peer Coin” with “Peer to Peer Shares.” To help differentiate them somewhat though, Peercoin will use the gold symbol while Peershares uses the silver symbol. Both text logos also contain the leaf graphic, Peercoin in the i and Peershares in the a.

(View .png files on Imgur at the links below without downloading. Any .psd, .svg, .eps org .jpg files must be downloaded from the zip file linked above)

1. Background Only:


Love them! Lightning does good work.

Great Job! Haha I just noticed I forgot to include the icon logo shadows in my mockups.

I like these. Thanks to Sentinelrv, Lightning and others who helped make this happen.

It sounds like the consensus is that they are a go, so CoinHash and I will run with them for the site.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan, because I find them too derivative, but in terms of priority items, this isn’t one. I expect most people using Peershares in the future will be listed under their company logo, anyways.

Just my 0.02 PPC.

Ok everyone, I have all 30 files here…

I also included the link in the original post. Jordan, if you want to take the files and link them from a different place then go ahead.

I just spread this around on Reddit and Facebook. David, can you do it on Twitter please?

There’s an interesting conversation about this here…

So far there’s a lot of upvotes though, so I’m not sure if this is just the way a minority of people see it or not.

So far there’s 11 upvotes and only one downvote from what I can see.

I was worried at first, but it looks like it’s pretty much a done deal. 19 upvotes and only 2 downvotes. We need to put the graphics on the social media accounts now. David, do need help putting them on the Twitter account? Will you use the large green leaf with the black background or no?

they just change the color of the logo of Peercoin, I do not think it is good idea.

It’s the “Peer Family” brand. We’ve already discussed this plenty of times and most people wanted to go in this direction. Same logo, a different color for each peer program and the use of the leaf imagery. Everything leads back to us.

Thread updated with viewable Imgur links.