Peershares Facebook Banner/Cover Photo

Before I pay Lightning for his work on the Peershares logos, I need him to make one more image for us. We’re going to need a banner image to go on the Peershares Facebook account at First of all, here is the Peercoin Facebook banner for reference…

There are a couple things we need to figure out here before I ask Lightning to make it for us. Do we want the banner to have a lighter background like above, or do we want to use the dark background instead? In the more info section the website is and could link to this board. What do we want to put under the Peershares name though? It is energy efficient, so we could leave that. What else should go there though?

Also about the current Peercoin banner, do we want to switch the word innovative to proof-of-stake? I remember people arguing for this before, but we felt we should use innovative instead so newbies didn’t get confused by technical language. What do you think about switching it back?

Just my two cents on the catchline for that banner… I think “innovative” is kind of a vague word. It doesn’t really tell me any feature or benefit of the coin. “Increased Security” is a weird phrase. Increased compared to what? “Energy Efficient” is good though.

My suggestion would be to use: “Secure. Efficient. Sustainable.”

Also I don’t think the words “More info:” are needed. Keep it minimalistic and clean. I might even just put the link to and omit the forum link as the forums easily accessible from the home base.

What is the plan for the different backgrounds? Is Peercoin going to have one background color, and then Peershares another? Personally I really like the look of the dark background on the subreddit. The logos all look nice though; the typography has kind of an Apple feel to it and the coin image is well done too.

That’s because we’re using the same font Apple uses.

I really like these ideas for changing the Peercoin Facebook banner. Secure - Efficient - Sustainable sounds great and simple. Getting rid of more info sounds great. I’d like to keep though. Also, I think it would be a good idea to switch back to the dark background. It just looks so much better and it would also align with our subreddit. I can request Lightning to make all these changes for us.

What about the Peershares banner though? What should that say in place of secure - efficient - sustainable?

I’m not sure about the tagline for Peershares; I think it should be different though.

Also I just noticed the tagline for the logo on the subreddit and on is “The Secure & Sustainable Cryptocoin.” I think we should try to be consistent, whether we use that tagline or another.

Well, when we originally made the banner we just wanted to list some features about Peercoin. Maybe it would be best to use the official slogan here to keep things consistent. If we used the slogan there instead, then we’d need to come up with a slogan for Peershares to put in the same place.

I think the tag line should also highlight what benefits Peershares offers. Something like “Secure, energy-efficient equity distribution for businesses”. Maybe not in so many words.

Should I make another thread for the Peershares slogan?

Your call! Might help draw some attention in the midst of all the Gox craziness right now.

Here is the updated banner I just added to Facebook…

Cryptopants’ comments are spot-on. Thumbs-up for the latest banner.

Looks good Sentinelrv. Do we have any type of email newsletter set up by the way? I think email is a more effective way of keeping people in the loop than social media with all the noise that you have to deal with on Facebook, Twitter, etc…

EDIT: Also, what are everyone’s thoughts on the word “cryptocoin” in the slogan? Is that a good term? Does the general public understand what that is or do you think it might turn them off? Personally when I hear “cryptocoin” it sounds… sketchy, I guess? In the future maybe it will be more adopted, but at the moment it is kind of a turnoff to me. I guess I associate it with the word crypt and subsequently death.

“The Secure & Sustainable Digital Asset”?

The word cryptocoin was chosen because it’s more neutral. People were having disagreements over whether Peercoin should be called a cryptocurrency or a cryptocommodity, so we chose this instead. It’s also listed the same way on the subreddit and

Neutral compared to… cryptocommodity?

I just feel if for example I told my mom I’m involved in “cryptocurrency,” she would think I’ve gone and joined the black market or launder money or something.

Yeah, digital sounds less stealthy than crypto. I think “asset” best describes what PPC is trying to do, but “digital coin”, “digital currency”, or even “cyber-asset” work for me too.

As far as the colors go, I prefer the light blue banner. It feels Fresh, New, Inspiring, Sky is the limit, cloud or angelic like.

The blackened banner feels black, withdrawn, darkness, desolate, something bad.