* 1st in the World! 0.3% House Edge! Multiplayer Dice!

Dear Members,

We are happy to announce the release of! The 1st in the world Multi-Player Dice game, with the lowest house edge on Earth! Just 0.3%! Win Unlimited amounts!

Q. How do I play PeerDice?
A. Each user can place any amount of bets for each game. Each bet consists of a number (e.g. 66.7978) and bet value (e.g. 0.1 BTC). Users have the option to use random numbers by choosing exact or random from the dropdown menu next to the bet field. By choosing the Random option, each user can select his desired range, out of which the system will draw the random number.

Users can choose if they want to play indefinitely or limit their play by using the minimum/maximum balance limits or the maximum rolls limit.

Every second a new game starts with a new number drawn.

The winner is the person that has a number closest to the number drawn. The winner wins all bets of all other players minus 0.3% house fee. In the rare circcumstances where there might be more than 1 bet with the same number and it wins, the winnings are split.

Q. Can there be more than 1 winner?
A. Yes! There can be as many winners as the actual active players in the game. This happens when a lot of people are playing, and each of them has different bet values. We have designed our game to be similar to poker. Whenever the winner’s bet is smaller than other players’ bets, these players fight against each other on their own with their respective number selections.

Q. What happens if there is only one player per currency/coin?
A. We need at least 2 players per currency/coin to roll the dice, with at least 1 bet from each player. The dice will not be rolled until a 2nd player comes.

Q. Is it provably fair? How do you draw the number?
A. Yes, of course. When you place your bet, you also input your client seed. When the draw begins, the system uses all client seeds + the bet ids of all players to produce a SHA256 seed. The hash is then used in our RNG as a starting value to determine the Roll outcome. This way everyone is partially involved in determining the outcome and a single player or the house cannot affect it in any way.

Q. Once I start the game, how do I stop or pause it?
A. Click on the ‘Active Bets’ tab. There you have options to pause or cancel each or all of your ongoing bets.

Q. How can I manage my placed bets?
A. You can manage your placed bets, by clicking on the ‘Active Bets’ tab and choosing one of the options in the ‘Actions’ menu.

symbol - Clicking on this symbol activates your bet for the following games.
II symbol - By clicking on this symbol, you will pause the bet.
X symbol - Deletes the placed bet forever.

Example situations
Users A, B & C have bets for different values: User A = 1btc bet, User B = 0.5btc bet, User C = 0.5btc bet

  • Example A: User A wins. User A receives 0.5btc refund + his actual win: 0.5btc (his stake) + 0.5btc from user B + 0.5btc from user C x 0.997% = 1.9955btc
  • Example B: User B wins. User A receives 0.5btc refund, since User B’s stake is 0.5btc. User B receives 0.5 btc (his stake) + 0.5btc from user A + 0.5btc from User C * 0.997% = 1.4955btc

Situations with more than 1 bet:

User A has 3 bets with different values: Bet 1 = 0.1btc, Bet 2 = 0.5btc, Bet 3 = 0.7btc. User B has 2 bets for 1btc and 0.5btc.

  • Example A: User A’s Bet 1 wins. User A receives 0.4 + 0.6 refunds from Bet 2 & 3, User B receives 0.9 & 0.4 refunds from his two bets. User A receives 0.1 (his stake) + 0.4 (from the 4 competing bets) * 0.997% = 0.4985btc win
  • Example B: User B wins the 0.5btc bet. User A receives 0.2btc refund. User B receives 0.5btc refund. User B receives 0.1btc + 0.5btc + 0.5btc (from User A) + 0.5btc + 0.5btc (from his 2 stakes) * 0.997% = 2.0937btc win

More than 1 winner:

User A has a bet of 0.5btc. User B has a bet of 1btc. User C has a bet of 3btc. User D has a bet of 1.5btc.

  • Users A & D win and need to split the profit.

  • User A receives: 0.5btc + 0.5btc + 0.5btc + 0.5btc * 0.997% = 1.994btc /2 (2 winners) = 0.997btc

  • User B loses his bet

  • User C receives a refund of 1.5btc and loses 1.5btc

  • User D receives: 0.5btc + 0.5btc + 0.5btc + 0.5btc * 0.997% = 1.994btc /2 (2 winners) = 0.997btc from the initial bet and the user also receives: 0.5btc (the remainder of User B) + 1btc (user C) + 1btc (the remainder of his own bet) * 0.997% = 2.4925btc. His total win is 0.997btc + 2.4925btc 3.4895btc

Q. What do payout color indications mean?
A. We use the following colors to mark the results of each game:
Green - You won more than your total bet(s) value.
Red - Your payout is less than your total bet(s) value.
Silver (default) - You havent played for current roll.

Not bad, the house edge is low. If you’re a bitcoin dice player, always consider the house edge. The lower the house edge means the higher chance of winning. Dice is perfect for bitcoin casino beginners because it’s very simple to bet. Also, payouts grow accordingly.