Peercoin's presence

would be good to have all info submitted here



I’ll get on it



Peercoin Coin Market Cap hasn’t been submitted

do you know how to submit this info?

(also there are some typos,

When, announced, announced, announcement, because
has the best announcement, crypto, crypto

not sure if that was you )

It has a market cap on the sidebar, as well as a link to the market cap. Not sure where it said it was missing that since I believe they are pulling it off CMC and I see it twice.

Comment wasn’t me and was there a couple days before I first found this site.

I’ll check again in a couple days and see if anything else is missing still. Lots of information on that page.

EDIT: I did notice they did not add all the exchanges and I made a request for them to add more. Will keep my eye on that as well.

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Let’s try to keep Wex off any exchange lists if possible.

yes i see it now, i think my browser was loading slowly or the page wasn’t updated yet