Peercoins in my steak

Hello all! I’ve been away from the cryptoscene for a while now and while I was gone, a relative decided to upgrade my Mac to 10.10. So, I turn it on, check out my wallet and for some reason a majority of my coins are stuck in 'Stake"…I don’t really remember putting them in PoS…no problem I thought I’d just transfer over my .dat file over to my Windows wallet since I couldn’t get it to connect to the network on my Mac.

FYI I had to do that trick where you append -addnode= to the Peercoin shortcut in order for it to connect to the network on my Windows computer just in case anyone else is having issues

So, after I get my .dat over to the new wallet on Windows my “Balance” shows up without any issues, but my “Stake” isn’t showing up (which is where a majority of my coins are). I have a feeling that I’m SOL, but maybe someone can help me here. Where are these “Stake Coins” if they’re not in .DAT? How can I get them back? The coins show up in my transaction history when I transferred the .DAT over, there is a green check mark, but they’re not in my balance. :frowning:

Have a great day everyone!

If you minted successfully then your minted coins should return along with your stake after 520 blocks(3 days)