Peercoind to run as system user and serve multiple wallets



Currently I use peercoind on linux. I start it as my ordinary day-2-day user, and it keeps the wallet.dat and blockchain in the ~/.ppcoin/ directory.
All good so far, but this is not very satisfactory when there are more users on my machine who want to use peercoind. Apart from the fact that peercoind cannot be started twice, since it would use the same port for Json-RPC calls, it is a waste of resources to synchronize the blockchain multiple times.

Is there a way to start the peercoind daemon as system user and use it to serve multiple wallets? I’d wish for that separation… it would be good to have the daemon started at system startup and be able to connect to it with any arbitrary user wallet to transfer money, mint the stake etc. A separate cli application for wallet operations would be enough for a start, although (remote) gui or web applications could follow in any language.

I’ve seen that lately with monero. They separated the monerod daemon and have, amongst others, a monero-wallet-cli application which serves as the real user interface.

If that is not possible with peercoind, I’d like to put in a feature request :slight_smile:. If that is not already on the road map…