Peercoin will ONLY Fork to v0.12 when 90% Adoption is Reached, Upgrade Today!

Peercoin v0.12 (which adopts Taproot and Schnorr Signatures) is currently sitting around 84% adoption (as of this writing). Check here for the current percentage:

The network cannot fork until adoption hits 90%, so we are very close. For those still minting blocks on a v0.11 wallet, you can help push us over the edge by upgrading to the latest version (v0.12.4).

For minters that already upgraded, you can still help by adding more PPC to the balance you are currently minting with. With a larger balance, you will help increase the number of v0.12 blocks that get produced.

If you have never minted before, you can earn 3-5% annually by starting. Leaving your node minting 24/7 will earn you a higher reward, while only turning it on occasionally will earn you the minimum reward. Putting your inactive coins to use here will help Peercoin fork faster. If you have any questions about the process, please ask below. Here are a couple tutorials on minting to get you started…