Peercoin wiki is being spammed

Lots of suspicious user registrations lately and quite a few spammy contents on the new peercoin wiki.

Could this be a bit more secure? Using captcha, questions or email validation for example?

This extension might be a good start:

Have a good day everyone.

I have disabled reg for now and am cleaning up, this is why I wanted people to PM me for an account to be created, I think this will be the best solution to have a team of people capable of creating accounts for new users. Applications can be made through the forum here and I will put a page together explaining it.


Ok registrations now open back up, you have to “request an account” in the top right and confirm you have control of an email account.

Hopefully this will stop the spam, I did a block and nuke to remove the bad users and content, which workes on a Whitelist of known good users. I think I put everyone on the list that had an account but any issues let me know and I can unblock your account if it got missed.

I have tested the email verification and this all works :slight_smile: I will be watching out for new users signing up as want to make sure no issues, any problems please PM me or post here in the forum.

Many thanks


Thank you Fuzzy!